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Civil Litigation

Our expert solicitors appreciate that litigation can be a complex area to understand. You may have entered into a contract where you did not understand what you were getting yourself into and have suffered loss as a result. Or, you may have entered into a contract for the purchase of a particular product and you feel aggrieved because the product was faulty or was not delivered adequately.

We can help.

We will look at your issue thoroughly and advise you on what course of action to take. Consideration will be given to your financial and personal circumstances; and action will only be taken when you are in full agreement with our advice.

Consumer rights

Whether you have been sold a faulty product or are fighting a boundary issue for your current property, our specialist team of solicitors will give the appropriate guidance and support from their years of experience in dealing with similar issues.


There may be an occasion where you have received incorrect advice from another solicitor or a professional. Estate agents, surveyors, accountants and even architects can get things wrong. You may feel angered that their mistake has cost you substantial financial loss. Not knowing who to turn to for a solution can be frustrating. At White Horse Solicitors & Notary Public we understand your grievance and will do our best to solve your issue with an outcome that satisfies you.


Your property is a very valuable commodity. Whether you are a landlord wanting to get your property back; a tenant who has been unjustly removed from their property, or, you are engaged in an ongoing dispute with a neighbour or mortgage company, we have the solutions you need to live comfortably within your own home.

Contact our expert solicitors for advice.

What our specialist litigation solicitors can help you with:

  • Breach of contract
  • Arbitration
  • Commercial litigation
  • Insolvency (individuals and companies)
  • International disputes (Jurisdictional issues/competition law)
  • Negligence (Professional negligence claims)
  • Regulatory enforcement
  • Business disputes
  • Guarantee/Loan agreements
  • Fraud

We offer a specialised notary public service for all of our personal and business clients.

Please visit our notary public website at <a href=”” target=”_blank”></a> for further information.