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At White Horse Notary Public, we combine unmatched expertise, transparent pricing, and flexible appointment options to make your notary experience convenient, reliable, and hassle-free.

No Hidden Fees

At White Horse Notary Public, we believe in transparency. We provide clear, upfront pricing with no hidden fees. Your trust in our services is built on honesty and integrity.

Competitive Experience

Our team of Notaries brings a wealth of experience to the table. We’ve been serving clients for years, ensuring that your notarisation needs are handled by seasoned professionals.

Same-day, Weekend, Bank Holiday Notary Appointments

At White Horse Notary Public, we offer flexible scheduling, including same-day notary appointments on weekdays and weekends, along with accommodations for urgent requests during the festive season with a small additional charge.

Notary Public Services

Our experienced team spans diverse industries and international jurisdictions, providing unparalleled guidance and support.

Services for Individuals

Services for Business

The above list is not intended to be an exhaustive one. Please contact us for any specific requirements you may have. We are able to notarise all types of documents.

Apostille/Legalisation Services

Our experienced Notary provides Apostille certificates for global recognition. This authentication, issued by the UK Foreign and Commonwealth Office, verifies signatures and seals, simplifying identity verification worldwide. Benefit from our Notary’s expertise to expedite document authentication, especially in countries under the Hague Convention.

Mobile Notary Services

Our mobile notary service, provided by our experienced team, offers convenience when visiting a notary is difficult. Whether due to a demanding work schedule, assisting elderly individuals, or business needs, our mobile service can come to you. Contact us to arrange mobile notary services, which include additional travel and waiting charges.

Remote Electronic Notarisation

We offer remote electronic notarisation for authenticating certain documents. At White Horse Notary Public, we utilise the internationally recognised eIDAS Regulation standard ‘Qualified Electronic Signature’ for overseas use, ensuring that the resulting electronic signature carries the same legal weight as a handwritten wet-ink signature.

About Us

At White Horse Notary Public, we transcend the role of mere service providers – we are your dedicated partners in the intricate realm of notary public services. Our distinguished team comprises seasoned notaries, each equipped with extensive experience spanning diverse industries and international jurisdictions. This profound wealth of knowledge enables us to offer you a level of tailored guidance and support that is truly unparalleled.


Our Notary Public services allows us to delve deeply into a wide spectrum of notarial areas. Whether you find yourself in need of meticulous assistance with notarising international documents, navigating the complexities of cross-border notarial matters, or ensuring unwavering legal compliance, our dedicated experts are here to empower you with their exceptional expertise and experience.


Gabriel Marchiorio de Mattos

I recently required a notary service to notarize a travel consent letter, and I’m extremely pleased with the experience I had. From the moment I inquired about their services, the response was impressively quick and accommodating. Whattruly sets this service apart is their transparency and honesty when it comes to pricing. The quote I received was not only very reasonable but also free from any hidden fees or surprises. This level of straightforwardness in their pricing was greatly appreciated. The notarization process itself was efficient and well-handled. The notary was professional and knowledgeable, ensuring that all the necessary steps were taken. They made me feel at ease throughout the process, and the end result was a perfectly notarized document that met all requirements. Overall, I highly recommend this notary service for their outstanding customer service, clear pricing, and efficient handling of notarization. It’s a relief to work with professionals who truly value their clients and provide a seamless experience. I wouldn’t hesitate to use their services again in the future.

Ian Sawh

Very friendly and professional. Now COVID rules are relaxed it’s nice to see beyond the reception area. Mohammed was engaging and it was nice to have a chat while he was completing the task. I arranged an appointment the day before and they accommodated me the next day. Very reasonable in terms of cost.

Anastasiia François

Extremely happy customer here! Had a child travel consent to notarize today. I got a super fast and clear response to my email, very convenient appointment time and location, very flexible, accommodating, quick and efficient, but also so,so friendly and nice! All for a super reasonable price. I am truly amazed, I really don’t know if it’s even possible to do better. A very big thank you for an excellent service. I will be coming back!

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