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Our expert legal team are experienced professionals who understand that dealing with immigration issues requires a deep level of sensitivity. It is a stressful enough situation to be an English- as an additional language speaker, but to be faced with legal jargon through all forms of communication must feel like an overwhelmingly frightening experience. With our deep and rooted knowledge of immigration law and the sensitivity we offer towards our clients experience and circumstances, our clients will feel at ease turning to us for help. We use simple language and scaffold the process step by step into a digestible level. This personalised approach to our clients with utmost respect and attention to detail is what sets White Horse Solicitors & Notary Public apart from the rest.


We offer a comprehensive service for our clients. We cover all aspects of UK immigration law; from applications to enter or remain in the UK including visas for the UK and all applications under the points-based system. We also guide our corporate clients through complex immigration matters when seeking to obtain certificates of sponsorship. At White Horse Solicitors & Notary Public, we hold speed of service towards immigration issues as vital. We will work as quickly and efficiently to solve your immigration issues.


We are specialists in business immigration, and can help you employ the international talent you need to ensure the growth and prosperity of your business.


We provide guidance and assistance through each stage of the immigration process, from visa applications, switches, and extensions, right through to indefinite leave to remain and British citizenship.

We are on hand to help, whether it is for your business or personal needs.

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