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Wills & Probate

Our expert probate solicitors can help you with a range of issue. Whether you want to contest a will, write a will or are confused about how to deal with the belongings of a family member who has passed away; our specialist team of solicitors will help you in your time of need.

We understand that it is difficult dealing with the affairs of a deceased family member if they have not left a will. It can be stressful dealing with financial aspects of these ordeals when you don’t know where to look and how to begin. At White Horse Solicitors & Notary Public, we will advise you clearly on how to approach your particular circumstance and pay particular attention to your unique situation.

Leave it to our expert solicitors to guide you through this difficult period.

You may be in a period in your life where you are worried that as you get older, your ability to make decisions will be compromised. As a result, you may consider making a Lasting Power of Attorney. This allows you to plan for the future and appoint someone to make decisions for you in the future, in the event, that you are no longer able to. Our probate solicitors have years of experience in dealing with Lasting Powers of Attorney’s and will explain how to do this with a clear step by step approach.

Writing a will for the first time

Many people pass away without writing a will. Leaving a will allows your family members to distribute your assets fairly and with ease. This will give you peace of mind while you are alive and will leave your family members with a clear direction in the future. By writing a will, you will prevent any potential disputes that could occur within your family.

Our solicitors have great experience in dealing with wills and you can rely on us to help you draft the perfect will for yourself and your family members.


Islamic Wills

The demand for writing Islamic Wills has had a substantial increase over recent years. You want a solicitor who is well versed on shari’ah law and understands your unique situation.

Knowing that your affairs are being taken care of by a professional who has dealt with a range of Islamic wills can be reassuring. From your very first meeting, you will find that it is very easy to incorporate what you want in your will, while at the same time complying with Islamic Law. This is due to our probate teams ability to advise on any varying aspects of shari’ah law in relation to wills.

All our Islamic Wills comply with Islamic shari’ah law and are also compliant with the English legal system.


What we can help you with:

  • Writing a will
  • Contesting a will
  • Lasting Power of Attorney
  • Dealing with an estate
  • Updating your will
  • Shari’ah compliant Islamic wills

We offer a specialised notary public service for all of our personal and business clients.

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