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We at White Horse Solicitors & Notary Public advise a wide range of companies and business owners in the UK, ranging from high growth companies, start-ups and investors, to medium-small sized enterprises. across multiple sectors on how to make effective commercial decisions – focusing on the issues that matter to you.


We have an in-depth and comprehensive understanding of commercial law and are able to assess, prepare and negotiate all forms of your business arrangements.


Our commercial solicitors can advise you on a variety of commercial trading and business arrangements including:

(1) Company Law

Articles of association & Private Companies


When you are running a company, it is important to protect your own interests as well as the interests of employees by having formal contracts in place.


Our expert solicitors can help. We will go over your original articles of association and point out issues that could be problematic, and, in the event that it requires drafting, we will help with that too. Our goal is to protect your interests and we will do our best to achieve this for you.


You may also want to include requirements in the articles of association to prevent other members from voting in particular circumstances; or you may decide that you don’t want to offer shares to all of your shareholders and don’t know how to implement these ideas. At White Horse Solicitors & Notary Public, we will help you achieve your aims and advise on the best approaches to take when doing so.




At the heart of all businesses are directors. We provide services to ensure that there is less chance of conflict between companies and their directors by advising on how best to draft director service agreements.


Our expert Company Law solicitors will also guide you through some of the common problems directors usually find themselves in. For instance, you may be worried about your pay and dividends. You may be worried that your company has put heavy restrictions on you when, or if you ever decide to move on from your company. Our specialist team will offer the best advice to help you solve these issues.


We can also help directors in issues regarding:


  • Bonuses
  • Power of a director
  • Shares for directors
  • Sensitive information
  • Power of attorney
  • Notice period


Partnership Agreements


Our solicitors can review your current partnership agreement and analyse whether it fits in with your expectations. We will describe the implications of some of the clauses that are currently in place and suggest better alternatives if necessary.


We can also assist in a situation where you are having a dispute with one of your fellow partners. This may be because of a clause in the partnership agreement which you are not happy with; or, it could be something else. Whatever the case may be, we are here for you.


What our Company Law service covers


  • Goodwill
  • Directors
  • Shareholder agreements
  • Partnership agreements
  • Alternative business structures
  • Severance agreements for departing partners
  • Mergers
  • Partner status & obligations
  • Social enterprise

(2) Business Structures

We understand that starting up a business can be stressful. You want to make sure that every step you take in preparing your business is correct, and done in a timely fashion.


Our expert solicitors can guide you through the different ways you can start your business. They will also advise on what the best suited form of business will be for you by taking into account your unique needs and circumstances. We will make sure we have a full understanding of the plans you have for your business before advising which structure we feel is most appropriate for your needs.


Choosing the correct structure for your business is vital as it will have implications on the amount of tax you pay and the amount of control you have. At White Horse Solicitors & Notary Public we provide first-rate advice on the specific business structure that is most suitable for your circumstances.


Our solicitors have years of experience in advising clients about their new business ventures. We have clients who are still running successful businesses after coming to us for advice in the early stages of their plans.


We can help you decide whether you should run your business as a:

  • Partnership
  • Sole Trader
  • Limited Liability Partnership
  • Company

(3) Business Contracts

Business contracts are vital in setting the conditions for professional relationships, such as the remuneration and benefit packages your employees will receive.


Our legal team will get to personally know your business. We will advise on some of the advantages and disadvantages of drafting a particular clause into your contracts. The personal approach we employ is what makes our law practice unique. You will find that our solicitors care for your business and want to do the best for you. This will reflect in the quality of service you will receive.


We can review any existing commercial contracts you already have in place. You may be having doubts about whether the agreements you have made are reflected in your contract. Our expert contracts service will review your contract very carefully to ensure that the terms that you have agreed are mirrored into the contract.

(4) Intellectual Property

At White Horse Solicitors & Notary Public, we value and appreciate that your ideas and creative thought require protection in order that they do not get used for the wrong purpose.

You may have thought of a great name for your company and have a design or a logo in mind.


All businesses start with a small beginning. For example, in 1905, a pine tree logo, still in use by Fisons plc for chemicals, became the first registered trade mark in Australia. In Hong Kong, the first registered trade mark was Nestle’s ‘Eagle ’Brand, granted in 1874 for condensed milk. The first registered trade mark in Japan was a design of a seated figure, registered for pills and wound dressings, issued around 1884. All these companies are still relevant in our time and it all started with registering a trade mark for their logo.


One of the greatest advantages of registering your trade mark are that the period of protection given by registration is, potentially, unlimited and that the scope of protection is equivalent to an exclusive right to use the mark in trade for most commercial purposes permitted by the particular registration.


We can offer expert guidance and support on how to officially register your logo as a trade mark so that no one else can profit from it.


Do you need advice on copyright?


Copyright is a right to prevent copying of creative expression, such as art, writing, film, music, architecture and even computer software.

We can offer expert copyright advice on any queries you may have. For instance, you may have issues related to:


  • Classic Copyright: Such as literary works of art, musical, artistry and dramatic works of art.
  • Entrepreneurial Copyright: Such as sound recordings, films, broadcasts, cablecasts and published editions




If a patent is granted, the inventor gets a monopoly over use of his invention for (generally) 20 years (i.e., he can stop anybody else using it for this time).


It is important that you register and file your patent as quickly as possible. This is where our expert solicitors will produce the best result for you. With our focus on speed of service and quality of work; we will ensure that your patent is filed and registered without you having to worry about any delays.


Our specialist solicitors are well versed on the conditions required to pass a patent successfully and have experience in making applications to the UK Intellectual Property Office to successfully register Patents. Therefore, you can feel comfortable; as you will be talking with a solicitor who has years of experience in dealing with issues similar to your situation.


What we can help you with:


  • Passing off
  • Confidential information
  • Patents
  • Trade marks
  • Copyright issues
  • Information technology
  • E-commerce
  • Data protection & freedom of information

At White Horse Solicitors & Notary Public our commercial team offers specialist expertise. We are pragmatic, commercial and have deep understanding of the issues affecting you and your industry.  We offer high quality advice in clear plain language, and we pride ourselves on keeping to your deadlines and budgets.


Contact us or call us on 020 7118 1778 to speak to our Commercial Team to see how we can help you and your business.


Commercial law is part of company law, or business law, as it deals with the legal arrangements that govern a business’s commercial transactions, for example, agreements about how the company provides goods and services.

Yes. They are both branches of Business Law. Commercial law concerns how a business interacts with third parties in the course of providing its goods or services. That means it concerns contracts and agreements with third parties, and any disputes arising out of them. Corporate law is more about the internal lifecycle of a company and its people, so it deals more in formations and dissolutions.

Business transactions and agreements are very different from ‘private client’ work in other areas of law, and require specialist knowledge and experience. It’s important to instruct not just a business solicitor, but a business solicitor who specialises in contractual law and agreements? Most likely, your business is your livelihood. So why risk your business by not instructing a specialist commercial solicitor?

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