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At White Horse Solicitors & Notary Public we understand that being involved in an accident that wasn’t your fault can be frustrating. It is also difficult enduring through injuries you may have suffered. Whether you have suffered an accident at work or on the roads – our solicitors have a number of years of experience in dealing with such issues. Our expert solicitors are also conscious to the fact that each accident is unique to each person and will empathise with any fears or worries you may have.


You may feel your insurance company is employing tactics to avoid paying compensation to you. We have tackled difficult issues of this nature and have gained successful outcomes for our clients.


At White Horse Solicitors & Notary Public we offer a ‘no win no fee’ option for all Personal Injury matters meaning that your legal costs for making a personal injury claim are kept to a minimum. You can rely on us to act fearlessly for you. We will go the distance to ensure that you achieve justice for an accident that was not your fault. Our main concern is to achieve the best possible outcome for you and your family; and we will work tirelessly in our pursuit for your success.


Depend on us to provide a prompt and excellent service. We will keep you up to date on each stage of your claim, ensuring that you understand each stage of the process.

What we cover

  • Accidents & Injury at Work
  • Accidents At Home
  • Accidents at School Claims
  • Accidents in Public Places
  • Accidents Involving Children
  • Amputation Claims
  • Animal Attack Claims
  • Asbestos & Mesothelioma Claims
  • Carbon Monoxide Poisoning Compensation Claims
  • Claims Against MoD
  • Criminal Injury Compensation Claims
  • Cycling Accident Claims
  • Dog Bite Compensation Claims
  • Faulty And Dangerous Products
  • Food Poisoning Compensation
  • Holiday Accidents And Illness
  • Industrial Disease Claims
  • Injuries Caused By Dangerous Livestock
  • Lacerations And Scarring Compensation Claims
  • Medical Negligence
  • Military Accident Claims
  • Motorcycle Accident Claims
  • Public Liability Claims
  • Road Traffic Accidents
  • Sexual And Physical Abuse Claims
  • Slip And Trip Claims
  • Sports Injury Claims

Compensation in personal injury cases is known as “damages”.

General Damages in personal injury claims are awarded to compensate for “pain, suffering and loss of amenity”. The level of compensation depends upon the nature of the injury, likely recovery time and prognosis. When assessing compensation, reference is made to expert medical reports, case law and the Judicial Studies Guide Lines.

Special Damages in personal injury claims are losses or expenses arising as a result of the accident. Special damages include but are not limited to:

  • Loss of earnings
  • Medical treatment such as physiotherapy
  • Travel expenses
  • Damage to possessions

In claims involving serious or catastrophic injury, a personal injury claim for Special Damages may also include:

  • Future loss of earnings
  • Ongoing specialist medical care and related expenses
  • Adjustments to your home
  • Pension loss


Below is a checklist of all the things we will typically ask about when we speak to you:

  • When did your accident or injury happen?
  • Can you tell us the details of how it happened?
  • Who was involved in your accident or injury?
  • Were there any witnesses to the accident or injury?
  • Do you have a police report?
  • Have you had any medical examinations and/or treatment since your accident or injury?
  • Have you lost any income as a result of your accident or injury?
  • Have you had to make any specific payments as a result of your accident or injury?


White Horse Solicitors & Notary Public Personal Injury Lawyers offer a free consultation on making a no win no fee compensation claim. We will be happy to discuss your claim in full – and answer any questions you may have about making a no win no fee personal injury claim.

For an initial free assessment of a no win no fee personal injury claim, call White Horse Solicitors & Notary Public Personal Injury Solicitors on 020 7118 1778 or contact us to make your no obligation enquiry


Simply put, a no win no fee agreement means that if your case is lost and you do not receive compensation for your accident, we will not be charging you any fees. If we win your case, we take our fee in part from the losing party (usually the insurance company) and partly from you. 

You have 3 years from the date of your accident

All cases are different, and the more complicated the matter, the longer it takes to settle a claim. Generally, a Road Traffic Accident claim can take between 4 to 9 months, while Accident at Work claims can take 6 to 9 months. Medical Negligence are more complicated so the claims can 12 to 36 months, if not more.


Once you discuss the matter with us, we will inform you about the length of your matter.

Compensation can range from approximately £1,000 for a straightforward road traffic accident claim to a seven-figure sum for life-changing and extensive injuries. We treat each case on an individual basis and can only advise on how much we think your case is worth once we have seen all of your evidence regarding your injury and losses.

In most cases, you will receive your compensation 1 to 2 months after your case has been settled. Your solicitor will ensure you receive the agreed sum after the defendant’s insurance company releases your cheque.   

When deciding to begin your claim with us, you will be given a copy of the Conditional Fee Agreement to read and sign. As you will notice, our fees will never be more than 25% of the total compensation.


Additionally, you will be asked to purchase ATE (After the Event Insurance), which will cover your legal fees if your case goes to trial.

Your claim will be submitted to the Defendant who will have a specific timescale to either admit or deny liability. If they admit liability, we simply press on to obtain medical evidence and detail your out of pocket expenses so that a full valuation can be placed with the aim of settling your case.


If they deny liability, we will obtain full disclosure documentation from the Defendant so that we are able to assess your claim and we will then issue court proceedings.


Once issued through Court, the case is given a specific timetable by a Judge leading up to an eventual trial.

In most cases, you will not need to go to court. However, if your case happens to be extremely complicated and your presence to the court is required, you will be contacted by your solicitor, who will assist you accordingly.

If you contributed to the accident in any way, you can still make a claim, and agree to a split liability agreement. In this case you will only receive part of your total compensation, which corresponds to the percentage of liability that you accept. For example, if you agree to a 50:50 agreement, it means that you have agreed to being equally responsible, therefore you will only receive 50% of the total amount.

While the choice to accept the offer is yours, we would advise against it. It is almost certain that the amount offered will be less than the amount you will receive if you allow your personal injury solicitor to settle your claim.

There are numerous ways to prove that you have suffered injuries from a road traffic accident. Firstly, your solicitor will request your medical records, which can show that you have visited your GP after the accident to seek medical assistance. Similarly, hospital records can show that your injuries required urgent medical care.


Additionally, your solicitor will arrange an appointment with a medical expert who will assess your injuries and draft a medical report. The findings of this report will be essential to show the extend and severity of your injuries.

It is possible to claim against an uninsured or untraced driver via the MIB or Motor Insurers’ Bureau. After the claim has been submitted, the MIB will investigate the circumstances of your accident and if they decide that you were not at fault you will receive compensation. Those funds are raised from insured drivers’ contributions.

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