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Terms of Business

  1. You will need to provide us with clear instructions.
  2. You will provide us with a copy of any documents and instructions that have been produced for you before our appointment and will bring the originals to the appointment.
  1. We will wherever possible provide you with a fixed fee for our work in advance of our appointment. Where this is not possible the fees will be calculated by reference to all relevant matters including the time needed to carry out the work, the value and importance of the matter, its complexity and the urgency.
  2. The minimum fee payable is £60.
  3. Fees are payable in advance and no later than at the appointment.
  4. We reserve the right to retain any documents until we have been paid the full amount of any fees.
  5. The fees will need to include payment for any preparatory and drafting work, correspondence, meetings and attendances, travel, administration, record keeping and any other relevant matters.
  6. If your instructions are terminated at any time and for any reason, fees will be payable for all work undertaken up to the time of such termination.
  1. If there are fees to pay to third parties and you request us to deal with these on your behalf, you will need to pay us the relevant amounts in advance.
  2. This might include, for example, the fee payable for legalisation or to obtain an apostille; if we use an agent or incur other costs in relation to these services, you will be responsible for those amounts also.
  1. We aim to provide a good and efficient service in all cases. If you are dissatisfied in any way with our services you should let us know immediately.
  2. The body that regulates notarial services has prescribed certain information relating to complaints and this is set out in the Complaints Procedure link at the bottom of this website.
  1. We use email for communications wherever possible. If you provide us with your email address you will be deemed to have consented to this.
  1. You may terminate our retainer at any time.
  2. We may terminate our retainer or decline to act any further if you do not comply with these terms of business or if a conflict of interest arises that prevents us from acting under the professional rules that we have to comply with.
  1. We are required to comply with all relevant legislation and regulations including the anti money laundering laws.
  2. You will be required to provide us with sufficient and appropriate evidence of your identity. You consent to us copying your passport and other identification documents and retaining them as required.
  1. We will not provide you with legal advice; our role is that of Notary Public, not Solicitor.
  2. We shall have no liability in relation to the actions or omissions of others, including postal services and couriers, agents, government bodies and agencies and your own advisors.
  3. The maximum amount of our liability to you shall not exceed £2,000.
  4. Our retainer is with you and only you; no third party shall have any rights in respect of it.
  5. We shall have no liability for any loss of profit, revenue, goodwill or data or for any indirect or consequential loss.
  6. We will witness your signature and affix my seal of office at our sole discretion, you should read and understand all the documents that you sign and by signing them you intend to give them legal effect. You also confirm that the contents of the documents are true and authentic and are not part of any illegal act or plan against the laws of any country in the world.
  7. If we prepare any document we will solely rely on the information that you give us, please note that you will remain responsible for all errors omission in that information. We are acting as a witness only and are not a party to any transaction. We do not accept any legal obligation arising out of the notarisation or legalisation of any of the documents and liability and delays omissions errors loss costs claims or damages.
  8. You will indemnify us against all claims, losses, costs and expenses connected with this matter unless they arise from my personal fault.
  1. We will respect the confidentiality of the information you provide. However, some authorities and other bodies have the right to require us to disclose information to them and we will have to comply with those rights.
  2. We are required to keep records of the work we carry out for you.
  3. We will use your personal data only in connection with the provision of notarial services and will not pass it to any other person.
  1. These terms of business and the relationship between us will be governed by English law.
  2. We agree that the courts of England shall have exclusive jurisdiction in all matters relating to these terms of business and our relationship including contractual and non contractual matters.


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