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Intellectual Property

At White Horse Solicitors & Notary Public, we value and appreciate that your ideas and creative thought require protection in order that they do not get used for the wrong purpose.


You may have thought of a great name for your company and have a design or a logo in mind. All businesses start with a small beginning. For example, in 1905, a pine tree logo, still in use by Fisons plc for chemicals, became the first registered trade mark in Australia. In Hong Kong, the first registered trade mark was Nestle’s ‘Eagle ’Brand, granted in 1874 for condensed milk. The first registered trade mark in Japan was a design of a seated figure, registered for pills and wound dressings, issued around 1884. All these companies are still relevant in our time and it all started with registering a trade mark for their logo.


One of the greatest advantages of registering your trade mark are that the period of protection given by registration is, potentially, unlimited and that the scope of protection is equivalent to an exclusive right to use the mark in trade for most commercial purposes permitted by the particular registration.


We can offer expert guidance and support on how to officially register your logo as a trade mark so that no one else can profit from it.

Do you need advice on copyright?

Copyright is a right to prevent copying of creative expression, such as art, writing, film, music, architecture and even computer software.


We can offer expert copyright advice on any queries you may have. For instance, you may have issues related to:


  • Classic Copyright: Such as literary works of art, musical, artistry and dramatic works of art.
  • Entrepreneurial Copyright: Such as sound recordings, films, broadcasts, cablecasts and published editions


If a patent is granted, the inventor gets a monopoly over use of his invention for (generally) 20 years (i.e., he can stop anybody else using it for this time).


It is important that you register and file your patent as quickly as possible. This is where our expert solicitors will produce the best result for you. With our focus on speed of service and quality of work; we will ensure that your patent is filed and registered without you having to worry about any delays.


Our specialist solicitors are well versed on the conditions required to pass a patent successfully and have experience in making applications to the UK Intellectual Property Office to successfully register Patents. Therefore, you can feel comfortable; as you will be talking with a solicitor who has years of experience in dealing with issues similar to your situation.

What we can help you with:

  • Passing off
  • Confidential information
  • Patents
  • Trade marks
  • Copyright issues
  • Information technology
  • E-commerce
  • Data protection & freedom of information



We offer a specialised notary public service for all of our personal and business clients.


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