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Housing Law

Our expert team of housing law solicitors are here to help you through this stressful time.

You may be dealing with eviction issues, and are concerned that your landlord does not have the legal grounds to evict you. Our mission is to protect our clients and go the distance to ensure that you are not treated wrongfully. It is a criminal offence for landlords to attempt to evict you without having any legal grounds. Our specialist housing law team are well equipped in dealing with landlords who may employ tactics to cover illicit methods. However, you need not worry. We have dealt with many of these landlords in the past and have successfully protected our clients from illegal eviction.


Your landlord may have tried to change the locks on your property while you were out, threatened you verbally or physically, forced you to move out or has attempted to limit the areas where you can operate in your property, amongst other things. Please come and see us and we will fight for your rights.

We appreciate that sometimes landlords want to use their property for their own use or want it used for a different purpose. However, it can be a worry when there are currently tenants occupying your property.


It is important that as a landlord, you deal with a sensitive issue like this very carefully. We will advise you on the steps you should take to legally get back possession of your property. Our expert housing law solicitors will also suggest how long you can expect to wait before you can retrieve possession.

Are you, or someone you know, currently in a situation where you don’t have a home to live in?


At White Horse Solicitors & Notary Public, we completely understand how difficult and stressful this can be. Our expert solicitors will care take a full account of your current circumstances so they can assist and guide you in your time of need.


Our homelessness experts can also advise on the duties of your Local Authority and how, and in which circumstances, they have an obligation to help you.

We Can Help You With:

  • Unlawful evictions
  • Disrepair
  • Homelessness
  • Suitability of temporary accommodation
  • Rent/mortgage arrears
  • Possession proceedings
  • Evictions
  • Applications for re-entering


We offer a specialised notary public service for all of our personal and business clients.

Please visit our notary public website at for further information.

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