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Business Contracts

Business contracts are vital in setting the conditions for professional relationships, such as the remuneration and benefit packages your employees will receive.


Our legal team will get to personally know your business. We will advise on some of the advantages and disadvantages of drafting a particular clause into your contracts. The personal approach we employ is what makes our law practice unique. You will find that our solicitors care for your business and want to do the best for you. This will reflect in the quality of service you will receive.


We can review any existing commercial contracts you already have in place. You may be having doubts about whether the agreements you have made are reflected in your contract. Our expert contracts service will review your contract very carefully to ensure that the terms that you have agreed are mirrored into the contract.

Confidentiality agreements

Protecting confidential information is vital when entering into a business relationship. One of the most common contracts that require a confidentiality agreement is an employment contract. However, care needs to be taken when drafting any confidentiality clause or it is possible that it will not be enforceable. Our expert team will ensure you have a confidentiality agreement that is clear, direct and enforceable if a dispute is raised.


Call us today to make a new contract, or to resolve an issue you have with your current business contract.


We offer a specialised notary public service for all of our personal and business clients.

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