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Company Law

Articles of association & Private Companies

When you are running a company, it is important to protect your own interests as well as the interests of employees by having formal contracts in place.


Our expert solicitors can help. We will go over your original articles of association and point out issues that could be problematic, and, in the event that it requires drafting, we will help with that too. Our goal is to protect your interests and we will do our best to achieve this for you.


You may also want to include requirements in the articles of association to prevent other members from voting in particular circumstances; or you may decide that you don’t want to offer shares to all of your shareholders and don’t know how to implement these ideas. At White Horse Solicitors & Notary Public, we will help you achieve your aims and advise on the best approaches to take when doing so.


At the heart of all businesses are directors. We provide services to ensure that there is less chance of conflict between companies and their directors by advising on how best to draft director service agreements.


Our expert Company Law solicitors will also guide you through some of the common problems directors usually find themselves in. For instance, you may be worried about your pay and dividends. You may be worried that your company has put heavy restrictions on you when, or if you ever decide to move on from your company. Our specialist team will offer the best advice to help you solve these issues.


We can also help directors in issues regarding:


  • Bonuses
  • Power of a director
  • Shares for directors
  • Sensitive information
  • Power of attorney
  • Notice period

Partnership Agreements

Our solicitors can review your current partnership agreement and analyse whether it fits in with your expectations. We will describe the implications of some of the clauses that are currently in place and suggest better alternatives if necessary.

We can also assist in a situation where you are having a dispute with one of your fellow partners. This may be because of a clause in the partnership agreement which you are not happy with; or, it could be something else. Whatever the case may be, we are here for you.

What our Company Law service covers

  • Goodwill
  • Directors
  • Shareholder agreements
  • Partnership agreements
  • Alternative business structures
  • Severance agreements for departing partners
  • Mergers
  • Partner status & obligations
  • Social enterprise



We offer a specialised notary public service for all of our personal and business clients.

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